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UK Horse Racing is a racing information service which offers unique, powerful and unequalled ratings, selections and data for the serious racing bettor and enthusiast.

UK Horse Racing have been continually producing Quality Horse Racing Ratings since 1999. Our ratings are published daily for all horse racing within the British Isles.

The UK Horse Racing site has been growing in popularity for a number of reasons; there's a friendly discussion community and also those who handicap for themselves appreciate our exceptional and unique ratings as a good source of information.

An Example of What Can Be Done

Each day Rob posts on the forum his selections based upon the ratings.

On the 20th of August, 2018, Rob made the following announcement.

Great day today: -

Results for today - 10 / 39. Winnings 103.60. Strike Rate 25.6%. Profit 64.60. ROI 165.6%.
Results for August - 120 / 865. Winnings 1031.32. Strike Rate 13.9%. Profit 167.32. ROI 19.3%.

And a bit of a red letter day for the selections today, got past the 1,000 points mark: -

Results to date (from 3rd March) 872 / 7116. Winnings 8162.77. Strike Rate 12.3%. Profit 1043.77. ROI 14.7%.

That's taken Rob just six and a half months, by only using the UK Horse Racing ratings, to make over a thousand points profit.

At the end of the first day of September, 2018, Rob reported these results.

But one doesn't need to put on a huge number of selections each day to make a good return. These are Pete's results of his selections that he posts daily on the forum.

The strike rate over these one thousand and five hundred runners is an astonishing 22%. The ROI is equally astonishing by running at 11%.

It's not hard to admit that I am a huge fan of Pete's steady selection technique.

How Have We Done This?

When we created UK Horse Racing the aim was to beat the handicapper by looking at horse racing analysis in a different light.

The real target is the Official Handicapper and the other bettors who, together, help make the markets.

We're targetting the other bettors by having a limited membership list to UK Horse Racing. By small, I mean numbers in low double digits. By keeping the numbers down we're keeping our methods to ourselves.

In our approach we don't use the Official Ratings at all. We don't use the commonly accepted Weight For Age tables which have been in use since time immemorial; we make our own.

Most importantly, we don't use the official race classifications; we use our own race class indicators.

In other words, we've analysed what can be analysed and then rebuilt everything from scratch to produce something quite different to what is the accepted practice of horse racing analysis.

And the Result?

A unique set of ratings which are strong, reliable, very much different and more effective to anything else produced conventionally.

What To Read Next

User Guide

At long last, the User Guide for UK Horse Racing is finally being written.

Value Betting

UK Horse Racing is a highly regarded resource for those who wish to undertake what is known as Value Betting.

I have written a little about it here in the page called What Is Value Betting?.

My Selection Method

Once one has an idea of what Value Betting is, then the next thing to look at is how I use the principle of Value Betting to make my selections each day.


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