Advertising on UK Horse Racing


All advertisers on UK Horse Racing are products and services which I endorse.

This means that anyone who follows any advertising links on this site will know that I fully support the product or service offered and I believe that the advertisement would be beneficial to the members.

Anyone who wishes to advertise on UK Horse Racing should contact me on for details. The guidelines are as follows.


All bookmakers who advertise on UK Horse Racing will have guaranteed that all members' bets will stand up to stakes of £200 and that the members' accounts will not be closed or restricted in any way, for example limiting to SP or to limiting the stakes accepted.

I will not consider any form of advertising for any bookmaker until I have a written guarantee from them that they will honour this requirement.

If I am contacted by a bookmarker, or their agent, offering me financial gain for an advertisement without the above guarantee then they will be advised to look elsewhere.

Other Services

All other services will be products that I use and have used for at least a few months before the advertisement had first appeared.

If you wish me to try out your service prior to advertising then please do contact me to discuss an extensive trial of the product. If afterwards I decide that the product or service is something that should be brought to the attention of the members then I will gladly discuss advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section has been added in March, 2014 because the above guidelines appear to be too complicated for most advertisers and their agents to understand.

Can I pay in US Dollars?


What currencies can I pay you in?

None. I don't accept payments for advertisements at all. If you are an agent for an advertiser then as far as I am concerned you can trouser the advertisement fee as I am not interested in collecting it.

So, I can have my advertisement for free?

Yes, as long as I am happy with the advertisement copy and the product being sold it will be placed in a prominent position.

For free?

Sigh. See the previous answer.

What if I don't want a prominent advertisement?

I am not interested in hosting any of those sneaky in-line advertisements. I don't like them and I won't tolerate them.

Can the copy be in a form of an informercial?

Sorry, could you speak English?

My bookmaker client doesn't want to accept your terms, can I pay you instead?

No. The site is run for the benefit of my members. I will not promote anything that isn't for their benefit. If a product or a service is for their benefit then the advertisement will be placed prominently for free. There is no acceptable alternative.

But I am willing to pay you US Dollars

Donations without any obligation are always welcome if you strongly insist on sending me money. But you still won't get your advertisement hosted.

Would you advertise my fan site?

No. As they are usually nothing but advertisement click-bait. I accept that your site will be the only such fan site which won't have advertisements but the answer is still no.

Can I advertise my product and/or service?

Yes, of course. As long as you offer me an extensive trial period using it and I will advertise it for free if I think that the members would be interested.

If you have an extensive trial and don't like it, can I pay for an advertisement?

No. Any advertisements are published solely on the grounds that I recommend and endorse the product and/or service.

Do bookmakers really limit accounts?

Yes. There is a petition here that really needs your signature.