The BetEngine


We have teamed up with Bet Dynamics to provide a means to automatically place bets using their bet placement tool, The BetEngine.

The makers of BetEngine have written a conversion tool which will take the daily CSV file and then export the various systems into a series of files which can be used to place bets within the bet placement tool.

The user documentation for the Bet Engine can be found on their Downloads page.

The CSV Converter

This application grabs all the systems within Column BI of the Daily CSV file and prepares a series of files which can be added to the Bet Engine application. This, as explained above, will be one of a number of different ways of using the BetEngine bot.

The Converter can be downloaded from here

version was released on the 9th of September, 2012.

A small explanation

The converter takes the summary rating CSV file and creates data files for each of the systems specified within the CSV file. It creates files for both the Win and Place markets - even though I think most of the systems are targeted at the win market only.

The converter allows you to:

1. Select the summary CSV file to be converted (click on the ... button to browse to the file, or enter the path into the text box). The converter will automatically remember the folder last used, so if you put the summary files in the same folder each day, you will be taken to the right place.

2. Select the output folder (click on the ... button to browse to the directory or enter the path into the text box). Again, the converter will remember the output folder.

3. Specify the delimiters used in the output files. By default it will use the comma, but it also gives the option to use the pipe (|) character - this is useful for people operating outside of the UK where the comma is used as the decimal separator.

4. Specify whether to output the value odds as part of the output files. For backing systems, the value odds are output in the MinOdds field (so bets only get placed if the current odds meet or exceed the value odds. For laying systems, the value odds are output in the MaxOdds field (so bets only get placed if the current odds are less than or equal to the value odds). No value odds are output for the files for the Place market.

5. Click on the Convert button to parse the summary ratings CSV file and create data files for each of the systems.

There are also some buttons for special conversions - but these can be ignored for the time being.

From the BetEngine crew, "I went through your portfolio on the Mission systems and added in any special filters required. For example, Mission-01 selections take into account the W alarm."

Basically, the UKHRConverter will create two folders under the specified output folder - Win and Place. Under each of these sub-folders, it will create a folder for each of the specified systems, and in these folders it will then place the data file. The data file will have the name: _yyyy-mm-dd.csv. For example, the file for the Mission-01 system for the 23rd of August, 2012, would be called Mission-01_2012-08-23.csv

The converter will assume that the system is a backing system unless it contains the work Lay or Lays in the title.

Value Remover

Alistair, of The BetEngine, has kindly written an utility which can strip the value prices from the UKHR feeds for the The BetEngine. This is for those who wish to override any of the pre-defined minima and maxima in the feeds.

The Value Remover can be downloaded from The BetEngine site.