UK Horse Racing's Data Analyst Tool


This updated version of the Data Analyst tool is for those who wish to explore the CSV Archive results with the aid of our tool.

This version of the tool, which is presented as an Excel spreadsheet, requires the user to be able to write simple VBA statements. This isn't as hard as it sounds as the structure of the tool has been set up and all the user has to do is to change some statements which works out the requirements.

Even if the user isn't au-fait with VBA it won't be beyond anyone with average computing abilities to use this tool. If anyone wishes to learn VBA then the internet is full of good sites explaining elementary Excel VBA.

The DA Tool is available from the Download & Set up page.

Additionally, there is help and support in the Discussion Group for all aspects of programming be it elementary questions to the tougher ones. So one is never going to be left high and dry without help in one form or another.


The Data Analysis Tool can be instructed to export the report as a CSV file rather than the text files. Additionally if one has The Staking Machine (TSM) third-party staking analysis tool then a data file can be issued that can be imported into TSM.