UK Horse Racing's Data Analyst Tool

The Data Analysis Tool is an extremely powerful and versatile Excel appication which is continually being developed which analyses the CSV Results files in order to produce reports for the user to use to create and develop systems.

BetEngine Bet Placement Tool

If anyone is wanting a great little application which can put on bets for you automatically then look no further than our BetEngine page.

Needless to say, we're great fans of this product and use it daily.

Dutching Calculator (web)

Click here for the Dutching Calculator

'Dutching' (reputedly named after Al Capone's accountant who liked to use this method to back horses) is an excellent way of staking more than one horse in a race such that if any of them win then the return is the same no matter who wins. This is a powerful tool which should always be at the heart of any punter's armoury.

Dutching techniques are used when one analyses a race to find two, or more, strong horses in the race. One then has a variety of options. The first, and simplest, is to leave the race alone. The second is to try to work out which of these candidates is the one to back or, thirdly, one can 'Dutch' them sp that if any of the these horses win then a profit can be made.

This Dutching calculator, despite its simple interface, has a number of features:
  - The prices can be entered to either the Decimal format (as seen on the exchanges) or in Fractional format (as used by bookmakers). If the price entered has a '/' (e.g. 100/30) then the Decimal format is assumed.
  - Unlike most other Dutching calculators one the user can choose the answer required. With our calculator the user can choose between the "I have a £100 to place on this race, how do I divide it up?" option and the "I would like to win £100 on ths race, if sucessful, how much do I stake on each horse?".
  - The calculator works out the profit (on a successful bet, of course) and the ROI% (Return on Investment) so that the user can work out if this Dutching bet is going to be
(a) profitable, as a negative profit is not what anyone wants, and,
(b) worth the risk.

Dutching Calculator (Downloadable Version)

A prototype downloadable version of the Dutching Calculator is available from our Dutching Download page.

Please be advised that the version of the software is ancient and if it does manage to install and run then it will look decidedly old-fashioned. I will be making an updated version Soon™

Simple Arbitrage Calculator (web)

Click here for the Arbitration Calculator

This tool really only for those who use the exchanges for their betting and it works with any type of market. What this calculator does is to enable to one to play the market rather than to simply back or lay a certain horse.

Imagine you're looking at the market for an event and you see something which is either priced far too high or far too low. For example we backed Greece to win Euro 2004 at 140/1 to win. We didn't imagine that they would go and win the competition but we saw a side who were surely overpriced at 140/1 and would be worth backing to sell later on.

This calculator helps you to do just that. After placing the bet of, say £20, at 140/1 the price to lay then drops to 60/1 (they beat Portugal in the first game) and the question is "How much do I lay them at this price so that no matter who wins the competiton I will win the same amount of money?"

We did our calculation with lots of pen, paper and coffee. This calculator does it for you in an instant. This is what is required when a market is forming before a race and a favourite is starting to drift or an outsider is being backed in. One needs to act immediately.

This calculator will work to make a market-wide profit on laying off backed bets which have already been made or for backing laid bets. Note that if if the price is going 'the wrong way' then this calculator won't help at all.