b beaten favourite last time out
c co-trained horse
d new distance
e won easily last time
g new going
t new trainer
+ significant drop in class
- significant rise in class
> improving horse (CSV files only)
c coupled with top weight in handicap
m minimum class race to date
p lowest odds to date
W previous winner in this race one or more years ago
w1 on horse's first run after a wind operation
w2 on horse's second run after a wind operation
7 indicator from a defunct 'System 7' system but still is considered to be a positive


Note that these can be combined in the CSV file as shown in these following examples.

mw2 - the `m` is minimum class race to date and `w2` is the second race after a wind operation.
+7dp> - the `+` is a good positive alarm, i.e. significant drop in class, `7` is for an old system that no longer exists but it`s generally a positive sign, `d` means new distance and `>` is improving horse.