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wit    [1567.   Posted 6-Apr-2019 Sat 12:25] View Near Messages
13:45 Flemcara
14:25 Kateson
15:00 Knocknanuss
15:40 William Henry
16:20 Amaulino
17:15 Rathvinden
18:20 Fin And Game

wit    [1550.   Posted 5-Apr-2019 Fri 14:39] View Near Messages

you obviously have not heard - post 177254 by Mark on Jan 4:

This is one of the hardest posts I have ever had to write on here. It is with deep regret that after talking to Malc`s wife, Pabi, tonight at 11pm, that Malc very sadly passed away this afternoon suddenly. For obvious reasons there is a suspension of services as Mark Brooker posted earlier.

There are provisions where the site will continue under the stewardship of myself and Holmes, but this is going to take some time to manage but I am sure you will all understand the circumstances and allow us the time to get things sorted.

I don`t really know what else to say, except to say, well, I don`t really know....

R.I.P Mr Smith, a bloody true gent if ever I knew one.

UKHR (Mark) (177254. Posted 4-Jan-2019 Fri 23:11)

wit    [1544.   Posted 5-Apr-2019 Fri 11:18] View Near Messages
13:45 Sternrubin
14:20 Itchy feet
14:50 Lostintranslation
15:25 God`s Own
16:05 Cadmium
16:40 Champagne Well
17:15 Master Debonair

wit    [1512.   Posted 4-Apr-2019 Thu 00:16] View Near Messages
13:45 Bags Groove
14:20 Christopher Wood
14:50 Clan Des Obeaux
15:25 Faugheen
16:05 Asockastar
16:40 Diego du Charmil
17:15 Misty Whisky


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