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We are open for small number of new members.

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There are vacancies for a small number of new members.

I would recommend that you read the following pages first, so you get aquainted with how UK Horse Racing works.

UK Horse Racing's User Guide
Value Betting
Why So Many Bets?
How I Make My Selections
Our Philosophy

If you feel that UK Horse Racing is suitable, then do take advantage of our current open door and join the service.

Thank you for your interest.

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What happens if the number of subscribers reaches the limit?
At that point there will be no memberships available until such time when vacancies become available.

Why isn't my application instant?
Simply because this is a small service running with a small number of members. For that reason it makes no sense for me to put my time and effort into building an automated membership system when I could be diverting my efforts into doing something positive on the site for the members in other areas.

Will my account details be passed on elsewhere?
No. I detest eMail spam as much as you do, if not more. I won't be passing on your details to anyone. I have been offered sums of money in the past and each time the refusal has been accompanied by strongly worded suggestion that they should set forth and multiply.