This will be an on-going project with information for the newcomer to racing in general or to the UK Horse Racing site.

If there are any articles which need to be written then please let us know and we will see what we can do.

UK Horse Racing

Weights: Penalties & Allowances Can someone explain the weights and allowances?
Ratings Upload What time do the ratings get uploaded?
System Indicators What are these columns, "a b c ch d dd e f", in the Systems Indicator table?
Advantage Why am I seeing columns with the word 'Advantage' in the CSV file?
Different IDs Why are there are different IDs in the CSV Results and what is going on?
Abbreviations What are all these terms that I am seeing on the site and in the ratings?
BHA Race Class Am I seeing things? Have you really included BHA Race Class information?
Similar Field Names Why are there some field names similar to other indicators?
Importing code into the Data Analysis Tool What is the easiest way to import a code class into the DA Tool?
Previous Race Ratings What is this Horses' Previous Race Ratings that I see in the ratings?
Trainer Calendar What is the Trainer Calendar?
Mission Systems What are these 'Mission Systems' which are often discussed?
Class Differentials I keep hearing about the Class and Weight Differentials and "Blindingly Obvious Selections". What are they?
Class Differentials Could you clarify some of the values within the Class Differential pages?
The BetEngine Feeds How can I import the selection data into The BetEngine?
Ratings Fields Where can I find a description of what is in each of the fields in the Ratings?
CSV Fields Where can I find a description of what is in each of the fields in the CSV files?
Holmes' Grabber What is the recommended configuration for this tool?
Underscores... What exactly are these 'underscores' which we keep hearing about?
...and Ranked Fields And what are Ranked Fields?
Value What do UK Horse Racing mean by 'value'?
Results Where are the results, prices and such within the CSV files?
Race Class Why does UK Horse Racing not use the 'official' race classification grades?
Encumberance Value What is a horse's Encumberance Value?
How We Use The Official Rating What is the UK Horse Racing approach to the Official Rating, and how is it used?
Alarms What are the Alarms that we see within the Ratings?
A/E What is this A/E figure I see within the ratings and elsewhere?
System Numbering Mission-10a, 10b and 10d I can understand, but what is this 10dd and 10ch numbering?
Soon™ I keep seeing this across the site, what does it mean?
Better Race Class Wins in the CSV Could you explain the values in these columns?

General Racing

Jockey's Weight What does a jockey's weight of 8-8 really mean?
Results Code What does 'H' mean in a horse's result list?
ieSnare How bookmakers can use ieSnare to track you.
Exchanges or Bookmakers? Which should we use?
Betting Live Betting Prices On Television
Handicapping Explained An excellent introduction to Handicapping.
What's in a name? Racing has a wonderful history of horses with, well, rather dubious and risque names.
Bumpers? 'Bumpers' is the alternative name for a National Hunt Flat race. This explains why.
Staking Plans What is a staking plan and what options are there?
Loss Recovery Staking Plans - A WARNING What is an example of a loss recovery staking plan and why should I be careful?
Weights and Measures Not sure what a Furlong or a Yankee is? Then look no further.
Exactas and Combination These pool bets are for those who wish to bet on which horse will come first and second.
Calculating Accumulator Results Calculating the returns on a succesful accumulator bet such as Double, Yankee or Lucky 15.