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This page contains a list of pages which I feel that is useful for newcomers to UK Horse Racing so that they can get an idea of what the site is all about and how it all works.

Our Philosophy

This does sound a little heavy but it's the simplest way of saying "What this site is all about, why it's different, how it's different and how I think that it's suitable for anyone interested in turning a long term profit from racing."

If, and when, I can come up with something shorter and snappier, then I will be sure to change the title. So, until then, we're all stuck with Our Philosophy.

> Our Philosophy

Value Betting

There is only one sure way to get ahead in the long term with any form of punting: Value Betting.

Long term, there is no other way to get ahead and to stay ahead. Forget tips from the stable yards: until the day that I see the stablelads come to work in Bentleys and not on bicycles, this will be my view on the matter.

> Value Betting

Why So Many Bets?

When one approaches value betting for the first time the question always arises: why are there so many bets?

This article goes some way to explain why and also what is the least insane way of doubling your money on the roulette wheel.

> Why So Many Bets?

User Guide

The UK Horse Racing site is rather large and it operates in a particular way. So this User Guide was written to help the members find their way around.

> User Guide

What I Back

What is of the utmost importance to anyone arriving at the site is that they are going to want to know one thing: what do I back?

This page here explains what I do.

> My Selection Method


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