UK Horse Racing's Systems


The UK Horse Racing Systems are derived from the UK Horse Racing Ratings and are recommended for those who wish to follow predefined systems. The systems are perfect for those who have little time, those whom are new to UK Horse Racing and wish to start somewhere and, of course, as a supplement for those who use the ratings for their own analysis and investigation.

All of the main systems have been developed and tested by the Data Analysis Tool.

Where To Start?

There are a number of ways to approach betting in a systematic manner. The first way is to follow a system which has been developed such as one of our systems. Secondly there is the approach where one has one's own system, or method, and with the use of the data on this site (perhaps mostly with the Daily CSV file) one is able to flesh out one's own selections. The third way is to 'cherry pick' through the ratings and looking at the data to select horses which stand out in the races on their merit.

For those wishing to do their own analysis or cherry picking then a thorough examination of the Ratings pages is recommended.

Here we look at the various selection systems offered by UK Horse Racing of which there are two main categories: the Main Selections and the Other Selections. When one logs into the Members' Area of the site the viewer is placed into the Main Selections area, though the viewer can look at the 'Other Selections' page and also the Statistical and Information page as well.

The Main Selections

This page, as the title suggests, contains the main selections. The number of these systems on this page are purposely kept to a low number.

The idea behind this page is that this would be the ideal starting off point for new members or, indeed, for anyone looking for a new system. These are recommended over the Other Systems (below) as a starting point.

Information on all of the Main Selection systems are listed to the left.

Other Systems


In the summer of 2014 there was a tidy up of all of the systems. Things were starting to get out of hand with the members' area and it was decided, once again, to sort everything out so that we'd have around half a dozen of the best systems as the flagship systems and these were placed on the front page of the members' area.

This left a lot of systems which were moved to the Other Systems page.

These may have been moved for a number of reasons which include that the draw down is too severe, that there are better similar systems, they're too new to make a decision on, they're deemed to have been back fitted a little and are awaiting some form of rationalisation, or, as in some cases, they simply failed to work.

Rather than delete them and not display the selection they're still there waiting for someone to come along and look at them in more detail and to find a good angle with these. One example of such a system is the Kaceot-4 which seemed to be doomed until one member showed us that by restricting the price range to a maximum of 21 on the exchanges and demanding, at the same time, value price then these were worth following.

In fact, this slight modification of the Kaceot-4 made them so good that they were promoted to the Main Selection camp, above.

All of these systems have merit in their own way and members are known to use these as the basis for their own systems so they aren't deleted as such. With these systems it is advised to do some work with the Data Analysis Tool before using them.


Roll onto the following spring and a new looking website and it was time, I thought, for another cull on the Other Systems page. Surely, I thought, people can't be looking at all of these. So I gave warning of an impending cull and were there any systems out there, or variations thereof, which people used?

I shouldn't have been surprised at the response, but surprised I certainly was. Nearly all of the systems which I had thought were useless appeared to have followers for one reason or another. Okay, some of the Koulds systems were removed but this was because some of them were basically duplicates and we could lose a few.

A few systems were good in their own right but offered few selections and then there were the ones which I had forgotten entirely. For example, I was looking for something to 'double-up' with the Mission-03 for ages and it was there all along: the Matthew-01 system.

These are systems which are being used as they stand and there are modifications; the Holmes Bias selections, for example, work very well on the flat only. The Mission-07a works well if one looks at those which have ranked WinF values, for example.

The amount of work that's going on behind the scenes by the members is outstanding and it goes to show that with the DA Tool one can find new angles on systems which would normally have been cancelled. For this reason the Other Systems section is staying as it is and is worth exploring with the DA Tool.

My Portfolio

People are often asking me "Where Do I Start?" and "Which Systems Should I Follow?", so I have made the Malcolm's Method page in which I describe the method that I am doing.