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This takes you to where the results files are for the Data Anlysis Tool and/or one's databases.
Full CSV Files With Results

The following are the full collection of the PDF and CSV files that are produced daily.


You will need to be logged into the members area to gain access to this section.

Sample Archived Data (non Members)

The sample file is the complete data for April 2016.
Sample CSV File With Results

The following folders show sample files of the PDF and CSV files that are produced daily (1st and 15th of every month only) and are shown as a taster of what one can expect as a member.


These samples show only some of the data available. Members will, of course, have access to the whole archived data.

'Early' Data

The pre-2010 files are posted 'as is' and for those who wish to take the plunge into the early historical data.

These will not be supported in any way and will have no results inserted and neither will they have any extra columns which have been added since the files were created. There will be duplications, missing dates and updates because of going changes and data repairs which happened at the time.

The Staking Machine Data

Within the Staking Machine Data page there is a selection of data files exported from The Data Engine which can be imported into the third-party application which helps to analyse possible alternative staking plans.