UK Horse Racing's Ratings

Summary Ratings Overview

An example of the Summary Ratings can be viewed here.

Other than race information, everything else on the Summary Ratings can be divided into two different classes; Derived Fields and Information Fields. Both are important but the former collection of fields are derived from the UK Horse Racing Model whilst the latter information which is passed directly into the ratings document.

Race Details

Race Title
Race Information

Information Fields

m/f - Gender.
No - Saddlecloth Number.
Stl - Stall Number.
Horse - Horse's Name.
Days - Days Since Last Run.
Runs - Runs.
w/r/c - Wins, Recent Wins and Course Wins.
Age - Age of the horse.
Wt - Weight.
SP - Forecast Starting Price.

Derived Fields

RATING - Final Rating.
Stl% - Stall Bias.
Regr g/d - Regression for going and distance.
WtD - Weight Delta.
Raw - Raw Rating.
Jockey - Jockey Rating.
Trainer - Trainer Rating.
TrForm - Trainer Form.
Conn - Connections.
Frm - Recent Form.
Lst - Previous Race Form.
Cls - Change in class.
WinF - Form change required to win.
Spd - Speed Rating.
Alm - Alarms and Indicators.
CPos - Class Predicted Position.
HCP% - Historical Class Percentage.
FCP% - Future Class Percentage.
Value - Value Price.