UK Horse Racing's Ratings

Sample Files

The best way to discuss the ratings is to examine some actual ratings files. We have included here the ratings for the 3rd May, 2012, though a very complete set of ratings can be found in the Archives section.

The Ratings come in two sets of PDF files; the Summary, which just looks at the overall picture in each race and the Detailed Ratings which cover the form for each horse in detail so that various trends and other important data can be noted.

There is also a daily CSV file which has most of the data from the two above PDF files in a large file which is able to be imported into Excel.


Sample files for two meetings on the 3rd May, 2012.

Summary PDF file for all races on the 3rd May, 2012.
Detailed PDF file for Brighton.
Detailed PDF file for Hereford.
CSV file for the 3rd May, 2012.

To view these files one will need the latest version of Adobe Reader (formerly Acrobat). If you don't have Adobe Reader then a free version can be downloaded here from the Acrobat Site.