UK Horse Racing's Ratings


Alarms are a collection of interesting indicators for the horse for this race. An alarm can be both a positive or a negative indicator.

b beaten favourite last time out
d new distance
e won easily last time
g new going
t new trainer
+ significant drop in class
- significant rise in class
> improving horse (CSV only), c coupled with top weight in handicap
m minimum class race to date
p lowest odds to date
W previous winner in this race one or more years ago

These alarms will be updated continually.


The W we have to give a warning about; it is very hard, if not impossible, to work out accurately the previous year's corresponding race. We can't go on the name because the name changes; for example, what was the 'Ericsson Chase' in 2003 over the Christmas period in Ireland became the 'Nexus Chase' in 2004. We can't go on the BHB Classification because the BHB are continually messing about with these.

Distance. The usual distance is derived for each horse from the mean of the last 8 runs. The 'd' alarm shows that the horse is running at a different race distance from its usual distance.

Class. '+' means that the horse has dropped in class by at least 6.5 pounds for today's race, whilst '-' means that the horse has risen by at least 6.5 pounds for today's race.

> indicates that the horse has ran in an improving manner in its last three runs.


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