UK Horse Racing's Ratings

Trainer Form

If we consider the trainer rating to be the class of the trainer; in other words how good or poor in general the trainer is then this rating deals with the trainer's temporary form.

Form is a relative word; what it ought to measure is how good, or poorly the trainer is performing of late. A poor trainer who is in form can still be doing worse than a good trainer who is out of form.

In other words, when one hears a pundit say that Mrs X is in form because she's banged a few horses home then this is nonsense and all the pundit is doing is maintaining the lifelong tradition of talking utter rubbish. In this case the trainer, Mrs X, could well be performing better than 'in form'. To be 'in form' is to perform as per her form or record.

We have rated the trainer's current form so that it is normalised at around 100. This, therefore, is one of the few ratings which isn't measured in pounds. This is just a number where 100 is 'normal' or 'in form', 80 and below is poor whilst over 120 is excellent or running better than form.

Whenever we see a trainer taking horses to the course and they are rated at 150 or more we take a good look at them, especially if they are rated in the top three positions.

The trainer form is a very powerful indicator and one which is rather unique to UK Horse Rating.


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