UK Horse Racing's Ratings

Raw Rating

Each horse, as you can imagine has a certain quality about it. Some horses are better than others; some are always going to be good horses and some are going to be condemned to running their racing careers in low class races at unfashionable race meetings.

The Raw rating is, then, the base rating of a horse. This is the rating of its horse as it stands in the paddock waiting to be trained and the ridden. The Raw rating is the first of the major inputs into the Rating figure of the horse.

It does however take account of weight carried. The rating for National Hunt runners is on the same scale as the Official Handicap scale. However for flat racing the UK Horse Racing rating is 35 pounds higher than equivalent Official Handicap rating.

This figure is rated in pounds (the common currency of racing form). When it comes to the actual race there are seemingly countless modifiers added to this figure (going, distance, draw, jockey, trainer, class etc etc) which makes for the final Rating.

Beware of an inconsistency in the definition of rawRatings:

Detailed Ratings: raw rating is the rating before consideration of weight, going, distance, stalls, recent form or any other factor.

Race Card Overview: raw rating is actually corrected for weight carried but not for going, distance, stalls, recent form or any other factor.


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