UK Horse Racing's Ratings

Wins, Recent Wins and Course Wins

This is a simple list of how many times the horse has won. There are three figures in the format:


The three numbers are as follows:

Number Of Wins (w)
This is the number of wins that this horse has done in this type of racing. This is important to know because we will need to know if the horse is able to win this type of race.

Number Of Recent Wins (r)
The number of last successive wins, regardless of the type of race run. So therefore it's possible to see a horse with a set of figures of 0/4/0 and 0 runs which means that this is the first time he's tried this type of racing but, we aware, that his last races he's won.

Number Of Course Wins (c)
This is the number of wins that this horse has won at this course in this type of racing. This is useful to spot 'course specialists' particularly if the values are something like '4/1/4' which means that he's won his last race and won all the races in this type of racing at this course. This could be a very strong indicator.

A strong indicator seems to be a horse with figures of '1/1/' (the course figure need not matter) as this could imply that this is an improving horse who may be underrated on the ratings because he's still progressing in ability. If the last run was in the past couple of weeks then this could be an even stronger indicator.


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