UK Horse Racing's Ratings

Days Since Last Run

This lists the number of days since the horse has last run.

Because we at UK Horse Racing are concerned about each different type of racing and about keeping each type (the different types being flat, all-weather, chase, hurdles and national hunt flat racing) separate.

So if the number of days is positive then that means that the last race was on the same type as today. If the number is negative then the horse last ran in a different type of race.

If the number is blank then the horse hasn't been out running before.

Once upon a time it used to be said that horses, in order to be fit, had to have a run in the past 30 days. However, with the advent of improved training techniques this need not be necessarily so. Particularly for horses which are due to run on the all-weather courses as more and more trainers are putting down all-weather tracks for training purposes.

What one is advised to do is to look at the horse in the detailed racing and then look at the horse's form and see if the horse particularly likes long layoffs between races or whether the horse does better after an intial warm up run. Quite a good number of clues can be gleaned from the detailed form when it comes to the number of days since it last ran.

Another strong indicator is that if the horse hasn't been off racing for long and the last run was positive then this is a very strong indicator for this race.


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